Foot Care Nursing is dedicated to addressing a range of foot and ankle conditions that require specialized treatment. Conditions like diabetes and arthritis can give rise to functional and comfort-related concerns, requiring careful attention. Our services extend beyond treatment; we prioritize client education, offering valuable insights on proper foot care. We believe that informed clients are empowered clients, and we strive to enhance overall well-being by ensuring they have the knowledge to care for their feet effectively.


  • Nail trimming
  • Callus reduction
  • Corns
  • Thickened nail care
  • Ingrown nail management
  • Comprehensive diabetic foot assessment to prevent complications and ensure well-being

Our Clinic

Initial visit: $65

Returning clients $55

Located at: 518 Lake Street – Room 104b
Nelson BC foot care

* 24 hour cancellation required. Otherwise, a $40 fee will remain.


Home Visits $ 75 

Foot care provided in your home only for those who are unable to commute to the clinic.


Standards Of Practice

In British Columbia, the best  standard for foot care adheres to rigorous standards, employing a  three-step cleaning process. It begins with an initial enzyme pre-soak, followed by thorough ultrasonic cleaning to ensure complete instrument cleanliness before advancing to the sterilization stage.

Subsequently, all tools undergo packaging and sterilization within a high-pressure autoclave, followed by the  testing of each load to  ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety are consistently maintained.


Call: 250 777 4337